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Ms. A.F. 287b: Tables of Contents - Taṣnīf

This is a tabular summary of the manuscript’s contents, utilizing a classification model developed by Fatih Köksal for poetry miscellanies in his MESTAP project (, modified according to the needs of multi textual manuscripts.

Remarks on the columns:

“authors, translators”:

  • Names in brackets are authors/translators known from other sources but not explicitly mentioned in the manuscript.
  • A question mark in brackets – [?] – is used after a pen-name (maḫlaṣ) when it is not clear if the relevant word really is a maḫlas.
  • The names of individuals who – according to the writer – provided information are also given.

“text” gives the relevant information for identifying a text, which are:

  • in the case of poems a maṭla‛ .
  • in the case of ilāhīs and songs the refrain.
  • in the case of prose texts the title, if given.
  • If there is no title, either the beginning of the text or a short explanation of the kind of text with which we are dealing (recipe, prayer, letter, etc.) is given.

“form” indicates if a text is poetry or prose and the specific genre of each.

“remarks” indicates the language, dates, owners’ remarks, seals, and marginalia.

  • A = Arabic, P = Persian, T = Turkish.
  • Turkish is indicated only on pages which also use A and/or P.

“edition” offers bibliographic information concerning texts that have been previously edited (though without an attempt to be exhaustive).

Texts which are edited (and translated) for the first time in Vol. I of the project-books (see: Research > Publications) are also indicated.

folio author/ translator type of text form remarks edition
1r burāq duʿāsı for any need

some prayers for good luck and success;

what to pray when you see the moon;
prayers and measures against hunger, illness, poverty

prose partly A Partly in Procházka-Eisl & Çelik 2015, Vol. I.

kitāb‑i reml‑i ʿAlī – treatise on geomancy:

useful advice; remedies for certain diseases; prayers to write on papers

prose also known as Reml-i Ḥażret-i ʿAlī Partly in this volume.
5r-5v kitāb-i iḫtilāc‑nāme (book of pulsations)
remedies for assorted miseries (end of 5v)
prose divinations according to pulsations are also on 62v-62r in the form of a table
6r recipe for a şerbet; prayer for rain; instructions about seeing the moon partly A
6v-7r tevārīḫ‑i āl‑i ʿOs̱mān‑i ibtidāʾ‑i salṭanat‑i ʿOs̱mān Ḫān lists
7r-7v prayers for various situations; remedies partly A Partly in Procházka-Eisl & Çelik 2015, Vol. I.

concerning the evil days of each month;

private note – birth of a child

list Procházka-Eisl & Çelik 2015, Vol. I.
8v-14v Şeyḫ Ebū l‑Ḥasan Vefā


astronomical calendar

tables and comments
15r-15v bāb fī beyān‑i eşref sāʿāt
on the appropriate hours for certain acts according to the planets; table of certain times of the day, days of the week, and corresponding planets
prose, table and comments
16r exercise in writing a pençe
16v Şükūr yılduzı beyānın[da]dur
what to do and what not to do when seeing the star which is in the shape of a camel
circular tables, comment
17r-17v Ricālü l‑ġayb dāʾiresi
the days of a month on which the ricālü l‑ġayb are located and what to do accordingly
circular tables, comment
18r-18v prayer for the ricāl al-ġayb

A, instruction T

cf. also Ms. A.F. 287a: fol. 12r

18v-20v prayers; the secrets of the Seven Sleepers (from a tradition of Muḥyiddīn al‑ʿArabī); advice and prayers for needs and wishes partly A
21r-21v prayers for various situations A, instructions T
21v-22r the siyāqat numbers
22v instruction on how to keep a man asleep
23r blank
23v-24r various recipes partly A
24v blank
25r exercises (how to begin a letter, siyāqat)
25v exercise (pençe); private note date: 1628
26r-27r beyān‑i ġālib [ü] maġlūb
text on predicting the winner between two enemies by calculating the numeral value of their names
prose cf. also Ms. A.F. 222a: fol. 2v-4v
27v-28v bāb‑i ʿāşıq ve maʿşūq
similar to the preceding but for predicting if two lovers will reconcile
prose cf. also Ms. A.F. 222a: fol. 2v-4v
28v-29v prayers against misfortune and for special situations A, comments T
30r text on what will happen according the day of the week when one cuts his/her fingernails; instruction on how to cut the fingernails prose Procházka-Eisl & Çelik 2015, Vol. I.
30v-32r long prayer (instruction in Turkish on 30r) A
32r-33r various prayers A, comments T
33v-34r one fatwa; two marginal notes in A
34r remarks; instructions on the ritual prayer partly A
34v short prose text beginning vācib nedür prose
35r various personal notes and calculations
35v poem – a kind of münācāt: almost illegible aa, bb, … 13 verses
36r-37r text on what to do (including a long prayer) in order to bind someone to oneself short passages in A
37v-39r prayers for certain situations, including prayers to prophets and angels partly A
39v-41v şarḥu smāʾi lḥusnā
which name of God (incl. their numeral values) to say at which time to achieve certain aims (incl. the values of the Arabic letters on the margin of 39v)
41v probably related to the foregoing: short instruction on what to do to bind someone to oneself, incl. two vefq (magic squares) prose short passage in A
42r-43r şarḥ‑i asmā
instructions on enchanting a person with his/her name, and the names of God and angels corresponding to each letter of their name; list of the names of God and of angels; special instructions if someone wishes to enchant a person with the name “Muḥammed”




şerḥ‑i aḥvāl‑i kesr‑i basṭ

begins with a text about the characteristics of the kesr‑i basṭ and its use by holy men and şeyḫs; precise instructions for preparing for the kesr‑i basṭ; the Arabic letters with their numeral values; the signs of the zodiac with their numeral values; table of the planets according to certain times of the day and days of the week; about the good and evil planets and descriptions of which “planet hour” is suitable for what aim; the appropriate incense for each planet and the corresponding letters of the planets; includes a Şerḥ‑i esmāʾ‑i ḥüsnā on 48r with the names of God and the aims for which each stands

48v- 50v: about ʿamel-i basṭ (including lists and tables)




50v-51r Şeyḫ Ebū l‑Qāsım long poem about minhāc‑i aṣl‑i basṭ‑i teksīr aa, bb, … 41 verses
51v-54v şerḥ‑i vefq‑i kelām
text with sample magic squares and instructions on how to produce them with the names of God



55r blank
55v prayer; poem; some personal notes poem prayer: A; dates: 1054, 1056 and 1068
56r-57v prayers against illness and sadness; advice on toothache; prayers for good fortune; traditions of the Prophet about the effects of certain duʿās A, instructions T

günlerüñ sāʿatin bildürür

about the hours of the days and which actions are appropriate for them

59r blank
59v blank red table
60r Der beyān‑i burc‑i qamer
table with an explanation on how to find one’s sign of the zodiac and the months of the signs of the zodiac

Tetimme‑i maʿrifet‑i aḥkām‑i iḥtilācāt [!] (title of three tables)
Tetimme‑i aḥkām‑i iḥtilācāt [!]

four tables with divinations according to pulsations and the signs of the zodiac

62v-63r Cedvel‑i iḥtilāc‑i [!] aʿżā ber‑qavl‑i ḥükemā az cānib‑i rāst yaʿnī ṣaġ ṭarafı
Cedvel‑i iḥtilāc‑i
[!] aʿżā ber‑qavl‑i ḥükemā az cānib‑i ceyb yaʿnī ṣol ṭarafı
two tables with divinations according to pulsations of the left and right parts of the body and the signs of the zodiac
63v-64r Ḥavādis‑i ās̱ār‑i āżā [!] be‑ḥükm‑i eflāk
Baqiye‑i ḥavādis‑i ās̱ār‑i ażā [!] be‑ḥükmi eflāk
two tables of divinations according to certain conditions with the appropriate sign of the zodiac
64v Cedvel‑i aḥkām‑i ās̱ār‑i ʿulvī der burūc‑i düvāzdegān
table of divinations according to the months and certain astronomical conditions
65r blank
65v der beyān‑i qavs‑i qūzaḥ
the cardinal points with the signs of the zodiac and corresponding divinations
elliptical table
66r-69v der beyān‑i menāzil‑i qamer
text on which name of God and āyet to say on a certain lunar mansion for various needs;
69v: table with the lunar mansions to write for certain needs
70r fī beyān‑i kevākib‑i sebʿa ber tertīb‑i eflāk
the planets and the signs of the zodiac
circle and table
70v Bu cedvel düş taʿbirin bildürür bu ayuñ günlerinüñ ḥisābınca
table with interpretations of dreams
71r Bu cedvel ayı bildürür ki yeñi ay göricek neye baqalar neye baqmayalar
table of what to do and what not to do according to the sign of the zodiac when seeing the new moon
table incl. the signs of the zodiac
71v-73v şerḥ‑i āyet‑i kerīmler
about the effects of certain verses from sūras 2, 3, 4, and 5; further prayers
lead text in T, prayers in A, incl. Koran
74r prayers for any need lead text in T, prayers in A
74v two recipes for pastes