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Ms. A.F. 287a: Tables of Contents - Taṣnīf

This is a tabular summary of the manuscript’s contents, utilizing a classification model developed by Fatih Köksal for poetry miscellanies in his MESTAP project (, modified according to the needs of multi textual manuscripts.

Remarks on the columns:

“authors, translators”:

  • Names in brackets are authors/translators known from other sources but not explicitly mentioned in the manuscript.
  • A question mark in brackets – [?] – is used after a pen-name (maḫlaṣ) when it is not clear if the relevant word really is a maḫlas.
  • The names of individuals who – according to the writer – provided information are also given.

“text” gives the relevant information for identifying a text, which are:

  • in the case of poems a maṭla‛ .
  • in the case of ilāhīs and songs the refrain.
  • in the case of prose texts the title, if given.
  • If there is no title, either the beginning of the text or a short explanation of the kind of text with which we are dealing (recipe, prayer, letter, etc.) is given.

“form” indicates if a text is poetry or prose and the specific genre of each.

“remarks” indicates the language, dates, owners’ remarks, seals, and marginalia.

  • A = Arabic, P = Persian, T = Turkish.
  • Turkish is indicated only on pages which also use A and/or P.

“edition” offers bibliographic information concerning texts that have been previously edited (though without an attempt to be exhaustive).

Texts which are edited (and translated) for the first time in Vol. I of the project-books (see: Research > Publications) are also indicated.

folio author/ translator type of text form remarks edition
1r dots and dashs
1v hadith A
1v duʿā for protection A
1v pious story about importance of knowledge; cure for fever T
2r duʿā against superstition (siḥr‑i bāṭıl) A, incl. Koran
2r hāḏā duʿāʾu ṣalawātin A
2r formula for a paste (?) partly illegible
2v-8v Şemseddīn hāḏā risālatu ramli Šamsaddīni
treatise about geomancy
mes̱nevī Procházka-Eisl & Çelik 2015, Vol. I.
2v-8v short comments on lead text prose margin
9r duʿā to ease a work lead text T,
prayer A
9v-11r beg.: ṣifatu l‑iksīri lʿaẓīmi waḥaǧarin mukarramin
text on philosopher’s stone
prose A
11r table with words and letters (amulet?) table
11v Şeyḫ ʿAbdülqādir dictum of Şeyḫ ʿAbdülqādir prose
12r duʿāʾu ricāli lġaybi (for fulfilling a wish) lead text T,
prayer A
12r dāʾire‑i ricāl‑i ġayb circular table names of winds
12r ebyāt‑i dāʾire‑i ricāl‑i ġayb numbers, letters
12v-13r beg.: A‑lam tara kayfa ḍaraba llāhu
a kind of tafsīr
prose A, incl. Koran
13v-14r several notes confirming payments to a vaqf date: 1015

mülk‑i Sīmā bint ʿAbdullāh

(or: melek-sīmā bint ʿAbdullāh?)

owner’s note?